Modular Express.js routes

Let's say we should build a big REST API in Express 4.x. Wouldn't it be nice to have each sub-route in a separate class? Of »

ES6 Presentation with Babel.js

There are alot of ES6 presentations out there. I recently also did a ES6 presentation on my work to an audience of developers with mixed background »


lodash is a great crossbrowser utility library that keeps you from re-inventing the wheel. Say you need to use the lodash.filter method to filter a »

Do we need JS-frameworks?

It's 2015 and the next version of ECMAScript, ES6 is feature frozen and will be official in June. Some examples of what ES6 gives us: Arrow »

Hybrid rendering with Java 8 and Handlebars

Single Page Applications (SPA) with all due respect, but they are not the best choice for all type of applications. Especially not when it comes to »