Hybrid rendering with Java 8 and Handlebars

Single Page Applications (SPA) with all due respect, but they are not the best choice for all type of applications. Especially not when it comes to »

Mobile app for Telldus

I recently bought a Telldus Tellstick Net to control the lights and other things in my home. Telldus have a open API so I built a »


Tröttnade på val-TV:n och skrev ihop en Node.js-applikation på ca 1 timme som hämtar valresultat från valmyndigheten. Blev inspirerad av en medlem i Facebook-gruppen »

CORS, JSONP and Promises

Some API sites (eg. api.flickr.com) (and old browsers) does not support CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing). So you cannot do a XMLHttpRequest to another »

Test of Binder.js and EncryptedLocalStorage

In a previous post, I tested various JavaScript MV* frameworks. Here is the same test with Binder.js. »